Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Baby Eats

Now that Big Baby (aka my youngest son, who is 4 months old, 26.25 inches long, and 22 pounds of chunky baby-ness) is eating solids, I plan to post several recipes for homemade baby food.  However, he's consuming it faster than I can make it (let alone take pictures of it), so for the moment I wanted to share the store-bought baby food I use for back-up.  It's called Ella's kitchen and it's 100% Big Baby approved.  He's a complete food snob already and will usually spit out jarred food and demand, quite vocally, I stop being so lazy and make him something to eat.  Anyway, Ella's Kitchen baby food pounches are completely real, organic food, preserved with organic lemon juice.  I'm a fan.

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